Berkhamsted Logs & Firewood


Berkhamsted Logs is a family run business operated from our farm in Dagnall on the outskirts of Berkhamsted.

All our firewood is well seasoned, quality hard wood which is sourced from sustainable sources only, i.e. woodland thinning, dangerous or dead trees…no trees are unnecessarily cut down!

All wood is cut prepared and logs and firewood are bagged on the farm to ensure the best quality we can provide and the service you deserve.

We also have a farm shop which is open seven days a week, where you can come and buy bags of logs and kindling. You can even pick up some fresh pork, eggs, potatoes…all home grown on our farm! Hope to see you soon!

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Air quality has become a hot topic of late, and owners of wood burners are being asked to think about the impact of burning poor quality firewood has on the environment. A stove / burner is only as good as the wood it burns, so we are pleased to announce we have the Ready to Burn stamp of approval for force dried logs, hardwood seasoned logs and kindling. This is to reassure our customers that the logs and kindling they buy have a moisture content of 20% or less, and are immediately ready to burn.

Find out more about the scheme here.

Ready To Burn Certification